Agriculture Harvest

Hi all,
I am trying to test the agriculture module and following the guide provided. How do we get to record the Harvest/Yields?Am using ERPnext version v12.3.1


Not sure what’s the scope for this need.

In our case, we treated farmers as suppliers as well as customers using (GitHub - ahmadpak/doubleledger: App made on Frappe framework to accommodate parties that act as both customers and suppliers in ERPNEXT), we added a feature to create a customer record, and a double ledger record, when a supplier of type farmer is created.

Then use sales order (of type Farmer Recruitment) (with a few additional fields(crop cycle, crop etc)) to issue seeds to farmers. This makes sure you can use existing features for projections. E.g. Production plan to see seeds to issue to farmers. You can have expected output per issuance/order, for yield projections.

Sales order follows normal route, delivery note(delivery of seeds to farmers), sales invoice.
Note: The sales invoice will cancel out with purchase invoice(due to double ledger feature) when farmers deliver seeds.

Your actual yield, will come from Purchase Receipts of crops delivered by farmers.

Hope this helps.