Agriculture Module for ERPNext

Hello community,
@codingCoffee and I are working on an agricultural module for ERPNext based on this Wiki page. As of now we have created most of the doctypes mentioned in it. Would really appreciate it if you’ll could provide some dummy data to insert into the doctypes. This will help us gain a better insight about how things work in the agro domain.

@f_deryckel @c_claypool @Francois_Ifitwala @Tropicalrambler @Brandon_Fox @woakes070048

It would be great if you could send us the data on this Email ID - Any standard format like a csv, xls will do.


Hey Vishal,
That sounds great. What type of data are you referring to?

The doctypes mentioned on the Wiki page like Land Assets, Crop Life cycle, crops etc.

HI @vishal,
I have done this quite a while ago and I stopped as my python skills weren’t good enough.
but here is a start

Also have you checked that module?

It would be great if it can be integrated.

Also Harveystack made a collection of opensource agricultural platform available:

Hey @f_deryckel,

Thanks for the repo link, but we’re already done with most of the doctypes, and are actually looking for dummy data, to populate the doctypes. You could have a look at the agri-farm-erpnext branch of the ERPNext repo to have a look at our doctypes. We’ve created a separate module called Agriculture in it.

Would you like me to install it on a server and start populating with data such as in my farm?
If that the case I might need to support on how to install that specific app. I am quite familiar on how to install frappe/erpnext on a server but I have never really played with specific app.

Let me know


I’m gussing this is the repo

@f_deryckel Yes, that would be extremely helpful !
Okay so here is the list of steps you need to follow, in the frappe-bench directory, execute:

bench new-site agri.erpnext
bench get-app erpnext #don't execute if you already have erpnext
cd apps/erpnext
git fetch upstream agri-farm-erpnext
git checkout -b agri-farm-erpnext upstream/agri-farm-erpnext
cd ../..
bench --site agri.erpnext install-app erpnext
bench --site agri.erpnext migrate

Now try accessing this newly created site i.e. agri.erpnext, and you’ll be able to find the Agriculture module and the Land Unit doctype associated with it.
Also the project is in a nascent stage, so excuse us if something breaks!

@woakes070048 that link is incorrect! We had originally thought of creating a separate app, but then finalised on creating a separate branch in erpnext and working on it!

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Hi @vishal Hows the progress regarding on agricultural module? When it will be on github for beta testing?