Ajax loading is no longer working

After updating to the latest version (13.24.0), I have noticed that the pages are no longer dynamically loaded. Now, for each click on a link, the browser reloads the page entirely.

Is ERPNext no longer a Single Page App? Is it like that or there could be an issue with my update?

Any one is experiencing the same behavior?

Thank you!

That is not possible can you share GIF

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Hi Kushal,

I would like to thank you for your prompt response.
bench update completed without any error, Kindly find the below video.


Installed Apps

Akwad: v1.1.9 (master)
ERPNext: v13.24.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.24.0 (version-13)

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Facing same problem, using hosted by bitnami v13.24. after the update every single click the page is reloading.

I’ve launched a new and clean instance and it does the same behavior. check my gif


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Seems like this problem started in v13.23 launched 13.22 and it doesn’t load every time. will try to restore my DB to this version and see what happens. if it works without will stick to V13.22 until the issue is fixed.

Kindly update the status after restoring the database to older version. It will help to understand the issue.


I have restored my DB to version 13.22 and it’s working perfectly, thankfully I haven’t found any DB tables missing / errors yet. I’m running some tests until I deploy it to production. Looks like I’ll be staying on this version for a while until this issue is fixed.


Thanks for updating the result.

@Alaa, it seems I am facing the same issue: App Reloading Pages

What was the solution, other than upgrading

The issue with with NodeJS. You need to make sure your version of NodeJS and Socketio is working well in your system.

Hey Thanks for Reply

However I found the Fix: revert: logic to route if link with /app is clicked · frappe/frappe@6de328d · GitHub