Albanian Lek shows were all should be on email accounts sync option

@imllc can you please explain clearly with screenshots and other details of what is the issue you are facing?

there is a very clear screen shot on ghit hub link that shows exactly the bug but since your asking again here it is… I do not even know what Albanian Lek is and would have no need to introduce it into my English installation it appears where all should apper in the sync options…


imllc please attach a screenshot of Customize Form for Email Account.

Ensure the capture lists the Email Sync Option (line item # 18 or thereabouts), to confirm that setting is not the source of your problem.

Albanian Lek refers to a monetary currency!?

as you can see its not there now and as I posted on ghit hub it disappeared this am for no reason or explanation as to why it was there in the first place we have not customized forms:

Not to worry, all that matters is that this problem has gone away for you!

If indeed that’s the case umairsy requested can #9968 and #9970 be closed