Alert sound on notification

hu guys,
how to add a alert sound whenever u get a notification … can anyone help pls …

Not sure about adding it specifically to notifications, however adding sound is simple.
just put the code
sounds = [

{“name”: “email”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/email.mp3”, “volume”: 0.1},

{“name”: “submit”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/submit.mp3”, “volume”: 0.1},

{“name”: “cancel”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/cancel.mp3”, “volume”: 0.1},

{“name”: “delete”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/delete.mp3”, “volume”: 0.05},

{“name”: “click”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/click.mp3”, “volume”: 0.05},

{“name”: “error”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/error.mp3”, “volume”: 0.1},

{“name”: “alert”, “src”: “/assets/frappe/sounds/alert.mp3”, “volume”: 0.2},


within your hooks file (of the app u have)

put frappe.utils.play_sound(“click”);

wherever u want sound

how to add whenver a notifications comes i key…