All Bench App list for ERPNext...?

I’ve just succeeded to install ERPNext with Bench, and I think that I could understand Frappe framework more than before.

At the moment, I see there are a lot of repositories on Frappe Github, but some of them are not for ERPNext, and some of them are just code libraries.

So I want to ask a question that…

Is there any repository list ONLY FOR ERPNext…?

At the moment, I think only these are for ERPNext.

  • payments
  • hrms
  • education

Is my understanding right…? Or is there any more Bench Apps which can add-on functions on ERPNext…?

Thank you for reading my question.


ERPNext is now under “deconstruction” … :slight_smile: . Frappe developers are splitting it in different aplications. Until v14, apps like payments, hrms, education, etc … was part of the monolyth ERPNext.

I don’t know any official list of apps, except MarketPlace (Frappe Cloud Marketplace) . Here you’ll find a lot of applications … some of this apps require ERPNext, and others just need Frappe …

Hope it helps.

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Also relying on apps for production system isn’t something I’d recommend.
Apps aren’t maintained for current ERPNext version. If you rely on app heavily and it doesn’t get support for latest version you can’t upgrade.
A lot of app in the list you can see only support ver 12 or 13.

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