All data disappeared. How can I recover it?


I have downloaded a Virtual Box virtual machine with ERPNext preinstalled.

I started playing with it. I added some customers, products an even a new currency.

Suddenly, all information disappeared from all listings magically. I was only navigating through different pages looking for a way to see product categories tree, because I can only see the root node.

While I was browsing, all information disappeared.

Does anyone know what happened and how can I recover it?

When I try to re-add the element, system says that it already exists. And no filter is applied, just in case.

This system is beautiful, but strange things happens to data which cause this not to be reliable…

EDIT: I can see the product when I search for it, but not in the listings by default.


Sounds silly but have you rebooted VM? ERPNext is very stable. I don’t think I have ever seen the issues you are having being reported on the forums. As such maybe an OS update on your host machine caused the error?

You mean customers, items and currency are not visible anymore?

Or only items are not visible?

While I was browsing, all information disappeared.

If you can be little more specific, it would help.What did you exactly which triggered

Ok, I have seen this before (in ERPNext v8).

In my case…

  • There was only 4gb of memory on the server.
  • There was a VM hosting OS (Centos6.5 in my case) running to supposrt the Virtual Machine environment.
  • The VM environment that ERPNext was running inside was allocated 2gb of memory
  • When we looked at the instance with the “top” command at the command prompt we were only realizing 450mb of actual ram.

It turns out the mandatory swap space that ERPNext requires in order to run (min 1gb) was taken out of the 2gb allocated to the VM instance. Another 650mb was taken up with the OS running inside the VM instance (Debian 8).

Frappe and ERPNext were starved for memory and one of the signs was the disappearance of data from view. It was still in the database but erratic behavior of the system caused it to become unreachable.

Lesson learned… Have as much memory available to an ERPNExt system as you possibly can. My smallest stable VM instance now is an honest 3gb over and above anything eaten up by a VM environment.

Once I set that as my standard, I have never had another stability issue with ERPNext. Do NOT be stingy with RAM or Disk space. The small extra cost of both is worth far more than all of your wasted time chasing stability issues when you starve your system.

That was my experience… your mileage may vary. :grin:



i have the same issue after update bench
any news on how to fix it

I have 8 GB RAM ang 1 TB HD, I think it will be sufficient to run it, There is no another program in server, which is running… Still I’m having same issue.

The Frappe/ERPNext packages have changed a great deal since I first wrote about my experience with v8 of the systems 4 years ago.

Likewise, the user that first opened this thread with their data loss issue, has never returned to it to indicate if rebooting the VM instance solved their problem. They had also never responded to indicate how much system memory they had allocated to the original VM.

So, in my humble opinion, if you are having problems with data loss in a v13 system, you should start a fresh thread and detail your experience there. This 4 year old post is not going to evolve into anything more modern than when it was originally written.

Just my opinion, and as always… Your Mileage May Vary :sunglasses: