All files in assets folder not loading in browser

Files in assets are not loading in browser, it happened suddenly, it was running fine earlier…

Where could be the problem?


Have you tried to change something in the assets files?

I just made changes in css files only.

if you have changed CSS files then execute bench build command from frappe-bench folder

But then I made new css files and coppied the code of original css files to newly created files, and in html chnaged css links to newly created files.

try bench build command to reflect following changes

bench build did not work

what error you got? @Muhammad_Ibrahim_Niz

I did not get any error on bench build command… but after running this command, its same resources not loading

Hi @Muhammad_Ibrahim_Niz,

I hope you are doing well. I’m facing the same issue on my staging server. Did you find out how to resolve this without losing any data or files?

Thanks in advance.