All of a sudden have started getting Refused to connect error. How to solve it

I have setup a production server on a VPS using ERPNext 14.x. I have setup SSL using Letscrypt.

Everything was working find for last 3 months but all of a sudden have started getting error: Refused to connect.

I tried to solve this problem but could not find any solution.

Here is the screenshot.

Connection refused is straight away point that the required service is not running and hence that specific port is not in listen mode. It may also be possible that port in not opened/allowed in internal/external firewall.

Thanks for the hint.

For some unknown reason the server has stopped running.

Now when I give the command bench start it complains that Port is in use.

So I restarted the VPS. Then also the port in use problem persist.

Why is this happening and how to solve it permanently?

May please try this to find open ports and kill those precesses:

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