All shortcodes for naming series

Where can I find a list of all shortcodes to use in naming series?
For eg - .YY. can be used to get current year. Siilarly, I want to know what code I can use for financial year, and so on. Any pointers?

Type Naming Series on the tob bar (Awesome Bar) and you can go to the list of all naming lists in your system. I think this is what you are looking for and if not then please explain your requirement clearly.

The image is enclosed for your refrence:

No, I can get to the naming series defined for my transactions. I’m looking for those shortcodes - For eg, to get the year in the naming series, I can use .YY. Similarly what other shortcodes are available?
To be more precise, is there a shortcode to get current financial year - (My naming series looks like CMP/PO/15-16/0001. The 15-16 represents the current financial year. How can I incorporate the financial year in the naming series?

Well if you are asking for automatically the naming series changes every fiscal year then that is not currently available in erpnext.

What we generally do is change the naming series every year at the beginning of the year and remove the old ones from the naming series.

I know its kind of crude and you might forget to change the series every year but its not a show stopper.

Not a show stopper if number of series being maintained is small. For large series, this becomes annoying. Nevertheless, a quick import/export could fix it in one shot, if there was a possibility. From that perspective, you can say it is not a showstopper.

anyway - does the sequence number restart at the end of calendar year if I use .YY. or do I have to do that manually as well?