Allocate amount after payment submission

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After submitting a payment with unallocated amount, is there a way to allocate the same to any invoice?
Also where does this amount go if its not against an invoice. In Tally it goes as On Account payment

I assume when creating a Payment Entry record you specified a Customer (or Supplier if the Payment Type is Pay). This will be treated as an advance payment. So when creating an invoice for that Customer (or Supplier), go to the Advance Payments section at the bottom part of the Invoice doctype and click the button “Get Advances Received” to retrieve the unallocated payments received (paid) to this Customer (or Supplier).

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@rach3l is correct, you can pull those unallocated amount in invoice advance table. Or you can reconcile the payment entry with the invoice later with Payment Reconciliation tool.

@rach3l & @nabinhait Advance Payments can be pulled only to Draft invoices. Is there a way to allocate the advance payments to Submitted / Unpaid Invoices?

@Vinod_Nadar Payment Reconciliation

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@nabinhait This worked like a magic, exactly which i was looking for.

Thanks a lot!!!

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