Allocate Energy Points to the Collector in Payment Entry


For the energy point rule, I think it should to be more flexible to whom should the point allocate, I see the user field change depend on the Reference Document Type; but it restricted to some fields.

for example, if I want to allocate the points to the Collector in the payment entry for receive payment type, it doesn’t appear in the User Field.

so my question is how to allocate the point to the collector for payment entry, when he isn’t the one how create the document, and without assign him to the document?

Exactly, the user field is restricted to some fields, which are “link fields” to the User’s doctype…

If you have a new custom field named “Collector”, first make sure it is of the link type, to user doctype…

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Thanks bro, that make sense.
Collector” is a custom field which is linked to Sales Person.
I add another field and link it to the User so it will appear as the collector user and so on it will allocate the energy point to the collector.

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