Allocate sales invoice to a sales order

Hello, so after a week of using the software a employee already managed to screw up a little xD

So now i have a few sales invoices that were made without a sales order. Is there any way to tell these sales invoices which sales orders they are supposed to be linking with ?


Steps to rectify.

  1. Create a Sales Order
  2. Cancel and Amend Sales Invoice.
  3. After amending, fetch items in the invoices from Sales Order.

If it is just for referring, you can update Sales Order ID in the one of the Allow on Submit filed of Sales Invoice, or may be add one as a Custom Field.

Ohh i think allowing the update of sales order ID is exactly what i was looking for! Going to try it out right away.

If i add a custom field in the sales invoice or sales order, it wont follow through to the next document will it ?

Can i keep custom fields from sales order to sales invoice ?

It seems i cannot turn “amended from” in the sales invoice into a editable line after submitting. :frowning: