Allocated leave Expiry

I’m allocating new leave balances.

Created leave type and checked is_carry_forward. Then I did leave allocation from 1 January to 27 July of 10 days.

When I run leave balance report all leaves expire on 27th July. One day at a time from 19th July until 27th.

E.g on 19 July it is as follows:

on 20th July:

21st July:

and so on until all gone.

I need them not to expire and be carried over to the next period. I’ve enabled isCarryForward.

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This is a very frustrating error, I’m really stuck.

Tried everything

I am facing the same thing , i want to know how are the expired leaves calculated ?

We are on ERPNext 13.11.1 and this still occurs.

I presume it is calculated in function get_leave_balance_on() in
frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/hr/doctype/leave_application/, but it’s not easy to understand.

I just didn’t bother and ignore the Expired Leave. It’s just sad that “Leave Balance Before Application” in “Leave Application” is filled with “Total Allocated Leave - Expired Leave - …”.

You can customize your Form View to hide the confusing field.

I have a theory about this. Since the leave allocated was from 1 Jan to 27 Jul, and there are 10 days of leave. When you apply for leave on let’s say 20 Jul, there are only 8 days between 20 Jul to 27 Jul, making 2 leave days expire. This is what I get after messing around trying to fix it, only to realize the number of days left.

However, I’m not sure if the expired leave will be carried over once the next cycle starts.

I believe it’s based on your leave period and the date you applied for leave. Easiest example would be if the leave period is from 1st of Jan till 31st of Dec. If you have an annual leave of 14 days and decided to take a leave on 28th of Dec, you would only have 4 days available leave, while the other 10 days become expired. I believe these expired leave will be carried over to the next leave period based on how many days are set to be carried over.