Allocated payment entry not reflected in sales invoice status

Using ERPnext v10.0.17, frappe v10.0.18

We have a customer with 100 EUR unpaid.
We submit a new Sales Invoice SINV-0002 for the customer with total amount 227.61 EUR.
We submit a new Payment Entry with amount 227.61 EUR and allocate it to SINV-0002.
The customer’s record shows the annual billing and the total unpaid correctly as 100 EUR.
But the invoice shows up as UNPAID/OVERDUE despite the fact that the payment entry is complete and allocated to the invoice for the exact amount.

Shouldn’t the sales invoice list show the invoice status as paid?
What do we have to do to rectify this situation?

Sales invoice

Payment entry

Customer record with correct total unpaid, (previous unpaid + sales invoice + payment entry)

Sales invoice list with erroneous status indicator


Check the paid_amount field in the Sales Invoice table, to see what value does it have.

Thank you for your answer.

The Sales Invoice section “Payments” containing the field “paid_amount” is displayed only if field “is_pos” is checked. In our case the sales invoices are not issued by a POS and the payment entries are submitted days or weeks after the respective sales invoice submission to the system.

Another reminder…

Facing the same issue here…
Anyone could help?

I face the same problem here, do you have any solutions?

I have erpnext and frappe v11.1.14

Hi, got across this discussion. May I know if how did you solve this? How will the payment amount field be updated once a payment entry is linked to the invoice and not selecting the checkbox “Is POS”?

I am experiencing this problem now. When I did a report builder and saw that the payment amount is not updated eventhough the status of invoice is already paid.