Allocated Quantity on stock items

Where is the Allocated Quantity on stock status after sales order sumited ?

It is not allocated manually. For the Sales Order Item qty, Reserved Qty is updated in the Warehouse BIN. Also, it is shown in the stock projected qty report.

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need , update the allocated qty when the sales order is submitted,


allocated qty = total sales order item qty after submit

item A , stock qty is 100, allocated qty is 0,

sales order 1 , item A, sales order qty is 100, submit

sales order 2 , item A, sales order qty is 30, submit rejected because allocated qty = 0

qty available item A = stock qty is 100 - allocated qty is 100 = 0 ,

total sales order qty is 130, but allocated qty is 0 with sales order 2 , shout be display Message" allocated qty is = 0 , Also need rejected submit