Allocating people resources and determining actual cost

So, I have a couple of things I’m trying to figure out.

Suppose, I have a staff of 10 workers in my factory. We make different types of jewelry. I’ve entered the jewelry ITEMs into the system. I created a BOM for each ITEM and entered in OPERATIONS with time and cost into the BOM. Each item takes a different amount of time to make. My workers work 8 hours a day. For the sake of simplicity, assume that all workers can make all items and that labor cost is the same.

  1. I create a work order associated with a sales order for several items. I would have 3 workers working on this work order. The time log turns out to be 2 hours with 3 workers working on this. How do I put that into the time log? Should I just multiple the time by 3 workers to get 6 hours of cost? or is there a way to associate 3 employees? or perhaps I create 3 time logs with 2 hours each?

  2. Is there a way for me to create a schedule to fill the 10 workers 8 hour day with work orders. Is there a way to create a printed schedule for my workers so they know who and what they should make.

  3. How do I pull a report on actual vs projected time per BOM? so that I can understand my costing better so that perhaps I need to change my BOM operation time or my costing.

  1. Ideally the worker needs to make time log for himself. Hence i would suggest you to make 3 separate time logs of 2 Hours each.

  2. Not out of the box. But you can create separate workstation for each worker and assign operations against that workstation. Not sure if this would help you out.

  3. You need to create a custom report on Production Order.