Allocation of leaves in the mid of a leave period


I am in the process of migrating to ERPNext. I am starting my entries from 1-4-2020 which is the start of a new FY for us. But our employee holidays and leaves are set for a calendar year.

How can I enter opening leave balance as of 1-4-2020 on the system for various leave types - Casual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Earned Leaves - etc. ? Because some of the employees have used some leaves between 1-1-2020 and 31-3-2020 and some of the employees have credits accrued on earned leaves from previous years…

Please support


You can do this via leave allocation. Whatever your opening leave balance is put that figure in new leaves allocated section along with a start and end date as shown in the image below:


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Thanks for your prompt response.

That could be a nice solution for those leaves that doesnt’t carry forward from one period to the next.
How about Earned Leaves that can be carried forward ?

Example: As per leave policy, an employee will be assigned 12 earned leaves (one per month) during a leave period. If there’s an employee who has 5 Earned Leaves on credit from the previous leave period, he/she should have these 5 as credit on 1-1-2020 (My ERPNext data starts only from 1-4-2020). How to handle this solution? Because, when i try to allocate 17.5 from 1-4-2020-31-12-2020, it says that i can’t allocate more that what’s specified on the leave policy, which is 12.


I solved this issue. Entered ‘24’ in Max. allowed leaves under leave type → Earned Leave (as shown in the screenshot below)


And while allocating earned leaves, entered total earned leaves in credit under ‘New Leaves allocated’ (as show in the screenshot below)