allow_bulk_edit [solved]

I am not able to get the bulk upload/edit to work? The buttons arent appearing. Anything wrong with this code?

   erpnext.selling.EnquiryController = frappe.ui.form.Controller.extend({
            onload:  function() {
                    var me = this;
                    this.frm.get_docfield("enquiry").allow_bulk_edit = 1;

Ok I got it. ty

Can you post the solution too?

Also since you are an advanced user, please considering taking time to help others. We need more community leaders. Thanks!

Yes for sure . I will share all what I know. I am doing an app development and would like to share that with the community when done. The issue was silly. Missed the following

cur_frm.cscript = new erpnext.selling.EnquiryController({frm: cur_frm});    


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