Allow Customer to create and view Invoices and Issues

We need to provide Customers a way to create and manage Invoices and Issues. It’s unclear whether this is supposed to be accomplished through custom permissions and allowing Customers access to the relevant desk apps or should website pages be built for this purpose?

One way is through the use of Customer Portal. Customers can use that to create Issues.

As for creating Invoices? No, you’d have to invent and write something custom.

Purely out of curiosity, what’s the business case behind that? As I try to imagine my customers writing their own Invoices, I’m picturing some rather hilarious results. :smile:

The checkout process in the customer portal will generate a Sales Order, which can be converted to a Sales Invoice quite trivially (even automated). As Brian said, though, typically a customer shouldn’t be able to generate an invoice for themselves.

Hijacking the topic for a related issue have not been able to resolve.

We have not been able to use the customer portal because we cannot choose columns to show. All orders we receive are with customer PO so we need Sales Orders and Invoices to be able to be sorted by customer PO number. Have tried seeing where in the generator for portal the columns to show and sort are selected with no luck.

Any direction appreciated. Thanks

Yeah, Customers are not actually creating Invoices…just accessing current and historical. The ‘create’ part was more for Issues.

Silly question but where (URL) does the customer portal live? I see Portal settings where you can. apparently, expose parts of the system. I just don’t see where / how users are supposed to get to it. The docs are oddly quiet about this aspect. If I add the ‘Customer’ role to a user, it changes them from ‘website user’ to ‘system user’ and they can get at anything in Desk that ‘Customer’ has permission to but it’s not restricted to the Customer linked with their account.

Edit: Nevermind, I think I see how it works. The routes defined in Portal settings are to pre-existing pages. I was trying to add a Menu Item for a custom doctype and it wasn’t working because I haven’t built a page for that yet.

So the next question becomes…where are the pages created? For instance, the []/issues/list? I need to create an identical page for a custom doctype.

Edit 2: Generators are the solution. Generators

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