Allow customers to see closed projects on portal

Allow customers to see closed projects on portal.
Currently if the project is in any status other than Open, the project cannot be seen in the portal.

I have played with settings but could not figure out how to do it.

Would you mind sharing the use case for this requirement.

So you create a project and add some tasks. Add the user (customer) to the project and allow projects in the portal settings.
Go to portal, login as user and see the project. You’d see the project progress and all tasks and time sheets you have added.
All working properly.

Now change the project status as anything else (closed, cancelled, completed or on hold). The project would not be shown to the portal user now.

As long as the project status is open, only then the user(customer) can see the project details.

I need my customers to see all the previous projects (closed, completed) as well, since they cannot edit the project I don’t have any security concerns there.
@ArundhatiS let me know if further clarification is needed.

Can you let me know, is it because of some permission error or a bug?

Created a github issue