Allow Different Time Unit for Attendance

Hello everyone, I’d like to know how everyone thinks of this, any comment will be appreciated!

Most of fingerprint attendance systems records clock-in and clock-out time and the time unit can be hour or even minute, especially for Sales team. To integrate with these systems, or at least integrate with the data in excel, it’d be best for ERPNext to allow different time units, instead of half day being the minimal, so in DocType attendance:

  1. An additional field: label => time unit, field type => select, options => [hour, half day]
  2. By hour: existing field “status” should become filed type data and accepts input of number of hours in decimal.
  3. By half day: existing field “status” can stay the same as right now.

Thanks much!


Maybe just add new fields In Time, Out Time, Total Hours and keep the status as empty?


Is it possible to integrate ERPNExt with a Biometric hardware to automatically get attendance details uploaded on the software? @rmehta @adityaduggal

You can either upload your attendance data via CSV regularly or write a script to push data to ERPNext using the REST API

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Yes, you can do. Please refer following thread which is discussing about the successful integration