Allow edit on Canceled Document

I have added a custom field onto a ERPnext document. The user shall be able to edit this field even if the document is canceled.

Any ideas or hints how this could be accomplished?
Didnt find any standard field where is works…


I don’t believe is possible, the only way that I can think of is by creating a button to do a popup modal where u can ask the user to key in what they want and submit it, u can get the value and store it to DB straight.

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@AMS_Fauzi Thanks!
yes, looks like you are right. I already have the popup on the client side - additional complication here for me: the value I need to adapt is not a simple field but actually a multi-select table. So I have to create/delete the child elements on the server script…

(i also tried to bypass permission checks for updating the canceled doc - problem is that then the document is in draft state again…)

Bypass permission checks in the core will create more problems and also difficult to update or upgrade in the future.

Well, u still can achieve the multi-select table with a dialog popup and submit run the server script to do whatever u want in DB straight.

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