Allow import for custom docType

I am trying to import some data into a custom docType but the docType is not showing up in the data import tool. and the DocType settings doesn’t show an “Allow import” option. When I checked the permission roles for System Manager, it shows import as unticked. I tried to change it but it is throwing me a validation error saying “For System Manager at level 0 in Repair in row 1: Cannot set import as is not importable” Even Though I am logged in as an admin who has System Manager privilege.


Should be in the section Forms Settings. If you are unable to find it, you can use the “Jump to Field” option (Ctrl + J):

Post this you can set permissions via the Role Permission Manager.

Thank you, I just missed that it was in the “FORM SETTINGS”

Why I am not seeing the “accept as solution” button for you reply? very weird!