Allow Modules not working on User?

I have create an app name “MovilidadApp” this app have some modules (Juridico, Operativo, Planeacion, …) so the problem is that when i mark the modules that sould be allow for the particular user it doesn’t work, let me explain.

i got my user “planeacion” the user got a rol “Administrativo Planeacion” and it’s the only role active with permissions to my doctypes (Levantamiento, Afectado, Vehiculo) on only read, because it’s a user that will be for stadistics to read charts on a dashboard and all of that, the permissions are lvl 2, only read active

my allow modules only have “Movilidadapp, Planeacion” modules active

and got my workspace “Planeacion” on it’s module “Planeacion”

the doctypes (Levantamiento, Afectado, Vehiculo) are assigned to module “Operativo”

if i log in with the user “planeacion” i can’t see any model, can’t see any workspace

i have read the Frappe Doc Users and Permissions
and the Erpnext doc maybe i’m not understanding the logic of frappe and allow models if so plz correc me, thank you for read.