Allow Production Order when Importing Items (VM)


I’m running the Virtual Machine that is available for download and already ran the update.
I started to test some features from ERP Next, which seems to be a great platform! :slight_smile:

But I’m facing this problem: when importing Items, I’m placing 1 in the “is_pro_applicable” field.
But after inserting, the checkbox is unchecked (and I can’t find a way to change it).
Also, the Inventory section is missing (only for the imported Items).

What can I be doing wrong? I uploaded an example. The link is below.
I’m not using/exporting with Google Sheets, I just uploaded there for you.

File Link

Thanks for reading/helping me out!

@francopan, I’m not sure, but I seens that this field, was deprecated! I dont know what wil manage this, maybe the Item Group, according the changes in the beta!