Allow suppliers to modify their price

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i’m new to ERPNext, is possible to allow suppliers to login to ERPNext and change their Item Price? If so, could u be so kind to explain how to?

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1.First Supplier should have permission to create “Item Price” ie. Read ,Write,create permission
2.Then he can make Item Price and change them accordingly.

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Giving Supplier permission to write “Item Price”, will be able to change other supplier price as well? Or will be limited to his price list?

It depends on how you applying permission.

Can you be so kind to make an example?



  1. First give permission to supplier for creating Item price.
    i. go to Doctype for “Item Price”
    iii. scroll down form
    iv. Permission Rules-
    Add Role as ‘Supplier’ and Give permission create,write,read so on…
    save /Update .
    v.login to supplier
    vi. and check Item Price will be displayed and you can change price.


Hi there,

thanks for the hint, actually adding the permission supplier has the ability to change the price but at the same time is able to see all other price lists.

How is possible to limit supplier to see only their own item price related to their price list?

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Refer Link:-
You can restrict this using “If owner”.