Allow users to change specific projects and also allow everyone to read everything

I’ve looked around and it looks like the following is impossible:
Allow specific users to change specific projects.

So User A can change Project X and read every other project.
User B can change Project Y and read every other project.
User C can read every project but change nothing.

At best these would be project members, but it would be a first step if I could do this by manually by settings permissions. Apparently user permissions can’t add permissions, only restrain. So is that even possible ?

Any ideas for this ?

I don’t think this is possible. In the role permission, you can restrict read, write, amend rights on the docType (which in this case is Project). Individually each separate project does not get restricted unless you create additional criteria of project differentiation like a separate company.

If you create additional differentiator in here, you maybe able to restrict. Try it!

But that only allows to restrict access, so you can’t even see anything else than.

You can’t say “you can edit project X but still see anything else” with this…

At the field level, you can set permission level as 0,1,2,3, etc. for the specific field you wish to make it only read-only. But, in general, what I feel your requirement is complex and it’s not straight out of the box

It’s not that complex. Allow write to all fields of document X. Allow read for all fields of every document of that same type. So you can edit only one specific document but read everything.