Allow website user see Quotations

How can I allow my website user aprove/reprove quotations document?

Website User setup:

Website User permission:

Website User page:

Any help please


You do not need any user permission for doing that.

Any Quotation raised for that customer should be visible to that customer. I guess currently there are no quotations generated in your system for that customer.

Please check this documentation for related information


I have quotations for that customer:


Please check if you have added a contact to that customer(Er Analitica) with user id

If you have already added contact please let us know that

Are you facing the problem only with quotations?

Are invoices and Orders visible to that customer?


I’m so sorry for my delay, I appoint the contact user to customer and worked as well!!
Now, how my customer can aprove or reprove the quotation? That’s possible?

Any help?