Allow Website User to register and get access to Desk

I am trying to allow new user to register automatically through ERPNext homepage using their email or Social Keys on my demo site which is on VPS. I understand that such user become Website User at backend.

Once verified the user can log in to get access of Desk. Basically I am trying to give demo site access for Modules like Accounts, HR, Buy, Sell etc. Normally we are creating users and allowing permission which takes time.

I looked at Role permission but it doesn’t have any Website User role. Only Website Manager shows up in the drop down list to modify the permission.

Would appreciate if anyone can show how it is to be done.

Default sign-up is a “website user”

Can we change default sign-up as “system user” with basic module like accounts and account user right.

Is there any way other than writing a new hook?

Solved by changing the Default Role at Time of Signup under Portal Setting.
Created a new Role for such Users.


Thank you for sharing your discovery.
You can’t imagine how much it helps someone like me.

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I changed that field but it does not work, and nothing happened, I still get " User Guest does not have access to this document " after signup

Goto roles and select website user. Enable desk access.

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