Allowed dropbox access but no backup


I have made a new installation of erpnext.
I have entered my app key and secret key.
When I click on Allow Dropbox Access I get a popup from asking me to allow the access.
When I again click on allow I am redirect to the url similar to following:


It seems to be directing me to a local url but it won’t load. It just says webpage not available.


Replace the site1.local part with the hostname / ip you access ERPNext and try again.

I replaced it with the ip address and the page says that erpnext has been allowed access to dropbox.
But how do I test if it is working because I don’t see any new folder inside my dropbox folder.

Also I presume that the access was successful even yesterday only I could not see the last page showing success.
In the night yesterday I received an automated message about “backup upload failed” with the error message “Access Token not found”

Where should I configure the access token?

The access token has to be configured in the site_config.json. Setting up Backup Manager · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

I already have them configured. My mistake that I did not spot the new folder “App” in my dropbox folder. There is a subfolder inside it with name of API. But the folder is empty. Backup file is not there. And in this regard I would like to mention that I received an automated email yesterday saying “backup upload failed” with error “Access token not found”

I have received another automated email saying “backup upload failed” “access token not found”
Erpnext now has full access to dropbox. What else am I missing?

will try to replicate and revert

I followed this, and it worked, check if you’ve edited the json correctly.