Almost same transaction amount - completely different Difference amount

  1. I have 2 Journal Entries with a pretty similar transaction.
  2. The involved currencies both are non-default currencies HKD & CNY.
  3. The default currency is USD
  4. the transaction dates are only 2 days apart from each other

now I expect that some sort of difference amount will arise which I have to write off as an exchange gain/loss. Thus far I am clear of the matter.

As mentioned both transactions are very close to each other in terms of amount and date, so you would expect a similar Difference amount as well. Now as the screenshot below shows this is not the case and the Difference amount is almost 3 times higher (USD 7.321 vs USD 23.648) for the transaction happening 2 days later.

has anyone experienced a similar situation and can advise a workaround for this?

hm. The solution comes after waiting for a day with

  1. removing all lines in the Journal Entry
  2. adding them all over again manually

Originally I may have used “Duplicate” from the similar previous journal entry in order to have some sort of template. My guess is the system likes to make it a bit hard on you and likewise not playing along with the lazy approach.