Already closed sales invoice payment status changed automatically

Dear Team

I already closed sales invoice suddenly showing overdue
but that invoice we already submitted payment entry how can i solve this issue this happen not one invoice many invoice happen this issue

This is the status particular invoice

This is the Payment entry

Please provide more informations ,
is there any customizations in the invoice doctype ?
what is the payment date mentioned in the payment schedule in invoice ? (important)

Recently i done version update 13 to 14
There i saw invoice amount is multiple

means one overdue showing invoice amount is 820
but there we add already paid entry 820
so invoice is closed before status is closed only but after migration 3days later suddently showing overdue

then we found account receivable report gl report is perfectly ok

please look this report there GL Balance is correct
Then that differents is showing 820 that already paid amount but there that value is multiple
means invoice amount is 820
paid amount is 820
then its multiple another amount is 820
so invoice not closed