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I have created an item for which I want to have stock in “Numbers” so I selected NOS as stock/default UOM. But I want to purchase it in KGS, so in alternate UOM I entered KGS and conversation rate as 6.5. So my one unit/number is equal to 6.5KGS.

Now when I try to select this item in purchase order and select KGS as uom, it multiplies the quantity entered (6.5) by 6.5, which is conversion rate. Shouldn’t it be division 6.5/6.5 = 1 which is my stock uom quantity?


Hi. If 1 No = 6.5 Kg, Then your default UOM should be Kg. In Conversion Factor, you have to add No - 6.5. Currently, you have added like 1 kg- 6.5 Nos. You can add additional UOM in stock balance report if required.

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I have to take stock mostly on numbers, so I can’t change default unit other than numbers. As you could understand that on the floor, workers would always tell the stock in numbers.

Secondly my suppliers need unit in KGS as they don’t understand numbers as there are many items with different sizes.

In stock balance report, you have a field called " include UOM" . You can select nos there and it will show the details in nos. You can save and keep it as your default stock report.

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Thanks a lot, that solved my problem :100:

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