Alternative Email domain setting after POP and IMAP

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I believe most of the user’s are using GSuite or M365 email service. Recent disconnection of Gmail “Unsecure connect” function and M365 email disconnection of using old email method (POP / IMAP) which will be disconnect from all 3rd connection.

My question, is there any other method to connect to one of the above mention email service provider in ERPNext since POP and IMAP no longer workable after time later ?

I know there are many more service provider which can host our own email domain, but that might need higher maintenance and higher risk of spam.

Please advice if anyone have a better idea ?


For Google Mail, you can create what they’re calling an “App Password”. Here’s are some articles that help explain that:

Not sure about Microsoft 365; haven’t used their email with ERPNext (yet).

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Many thanks Brian for your feedback !
Does it means we still able to configure IMAP / POP connection in ERPNext with GMail, after we have setting up “App Password” ? Just wonderthe configuration in Email domain still the same ?

This information is really help !! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible to set up POP/IMAP connection in ERPNext after setting up “App Password” in Gmail.

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Yes, all configuration is the same. I know an ERPNext business that is sending emails like this, with a Gmail App Password, and it’s working fine for them.

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Thanks for all to our feedback :blush:
It was working as mentioned .

Anyone have a solution for MS365 may provide your feedback.