Alternative items for an item


I am planning to have electronic components as items, and often there are “alternatives” or “related items” of an item.
Designwise, these can be used in order to steer the design process. If one part is obsolete or reaching its end of life, these links can lead the designer to use an alternative, or if a bigger package component is cheaper and there are no constraints, it can be used as well.

My question would be, how can one implement such bilateral relationships? Should I create a a custom field, which indicates items that are alternatives of themselves as a list in itself?


You can use child table inside item doctype

Thank you, Joey.
If B is listed in a table in B as an alternative, would A be listed in B’s table as an alternative also? Shall there be a script to populate that?

Yes, an item can be alternative of N others items.

What script are you thinking about?

I was relating to the custom scripts in the Setup module.
I also was wondering whether this relationship would be mutual by definition, or shall a custom script be run in order to accomplish that?

You need to write your own custom script

Hey, our team is showcasing a similar feature and would like to have it in the core. We will be sending PR soon. See the details here [New Feature] BOM Components Alternative .

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