Alternative way to re arrange standard field in Doctype

I know this option is disable since 2016. I am willy accept that and say no to user.
But recently I got a lot of complaint and pressure from users this issue. They found that erpnext ui is messy unorganized even I hide a lot of unwanted fields.
And did anybody have same experience like this or not? But if lock myself with current version, Is there anyway that allow me to do UI arrangement even from code.


What I did was create an exact replica of the field where my client wanted and use a script to copy values to the actual field upon saving.

Not an easy task, but yeah, a workaround for the situation and the client is happy!

This mean that hide standard field and create new one that have meaning of the standard field?

Yeah, hide the standard field and create a new field similar to the standard field.

It sound possible. I will try that and search for copy value from custom field to standard field.
Anyway, does this approach affect to performance or not?

We use it for like 3-4 fields at max. There is no performance difference.

There was a development, something like DocView. We can generate new views based on doctype. I can’t remember that feauture’s name.

Its Doc Type Layout , and the objective is the same but we also not tried it yet

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