Amazon Vendor Central

I need to integrate with Amazon’s Vendor Central API. I have not been able to find anything “off-the-shelf” to do this. Does anyone know of anything that I may have overlooked?

Assuming that nothing yet exists, I would like to work with a company or individual that has done similar integrations in the past. We would not be looking to own or restrict anything developed. To the contrary, would prefer to fund development to meet our initial needs and make the resulting code available to the community.

Please let me know if you can help in any way.



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Note: My Answer may not be correct approach, but its my effort to help you get started

You might know ERPNext has drop shipping, order, stock, customers etc. & RESTful API to make things bit doable but Amazon Vendor Central still works with ancient EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which makes things bit difficult to deal with.

Basic Main Functions:

  • Import Purchase Orders From Amazon (EDI)
  • Export Order Confirmation To Amazon (EDI)

Processing flow:

  • FTP > Download > Vendor Central EDI - Read Orders
  • Spreadsheet Filter - Order Head
  • Spreadsheet Datastore Writer - Order Head
  • Spreadsheet Datastore Writer - Order Items
  • Further Operations / API
  • FTP > Upload > Vendor Central EDI Order Response
  • FTP > Remove

Operations as follows can be performed by building connector/broker:

  • insert or update Product data
  • insert or update Stock data
  • insert or update Price data
  • insert or update Customer data
  • insert or update Order tracking / shipping data
  • fetch Product data
  • fetch Stock data
  • fetch Customer data
  • send Messages (Email/SMS)
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Thank you yashodhan!

This is all custom work, correct? It is your suggested approach?

Have you done something like this already?

Thanks again!

  • Correct, Custom work. Read first bold note.
  • I have not worked on it, but I spent sometime on gathering information to help you get started…

Thank you Yashodhan,

I appreciate your time and effort. We are still considering whether ERP Next itself would be the right system to build upon.


@yashodhan we need a better place to put these. That is a great road map that could help many people but I only saw it by accident. Also @ferian_ent if this helps i have worked with many systems and erpnext is like nothing i have seen before.

Amazon has officially released its VendorCentral API!

Hope this helps