AMC(Annual Maintenance Contracting) Module

Hey Frappe Team…
Can possible add AMC module in ERPNEXT?
AMC Custom Report
AMC Schedule
AMC Report Send via email
Replecebal item AMC to Fantch in sales invoce

There is already a maintenance module with maintenance schedule and maintenance visit system in ERPNext, you can use it along with subscriptions and accounts.

Have you explored those?
If you have, what functionality did you feel was lacking that was not fulfilling your requirement.
Can you elaborate more on your specific requirement, like what do you want to see in reports.

Thank you…
I will try.
But if you have some screenshots so please post for better understanding.

I checked your interaction but it’s not able to work like that.
see my screenshot

It’s just an example of an air compressor AMC Report and Service Report. We are doing now Physically create. but I want this prosses on ERPNext and I Know it’s possible on ERPNext.

Okay, you might need to create custom doctypes for this, it’s pretty easy.
Go through the documentation, if you need any help along the way, ping me.

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