Amend on Purchase order please need your suggetions how to do

at time of purchase order amend… validation must not increase more than 5% or decrease less than 5%


case1: if i ordered for 5000 units, for what i ordered i received only 4000units (here it showing 10% decrease) system must not take this… it should throw an error like it is not validated.

Case2:in same order if i received 6000 units( 10% more) this also system must not take … it must throw an error as this is not validated.

case3: for the same order if i receive 4500 or 5500 units… which is variation of 5% high or 5% low… this must be validated.

so here my question is … at the time amend… system must not amend quantity more than 5% high or 5% low

When receiving an order, you should be creating a Purchase Receipt and not updating the Purchase Order. To achieve the 5% variance, go to Stock Settings and update the Over Delivery/Receipt section:

If you want to do it by updating the order (how you’ve shown in the screenshot) you can create a script, which compares the value being updated and the one already being entered.

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Yeah that was helpful… And I’m Thanks for that… But I need to tolerate below of 5% on PO also… How can we make it…

On the PO side there’s no configuration available. You’ll have to look for solutions involving code by writing a custom script (server-side in python or client-side in JS).

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OK thanks for your response…

Hello Kennethsequeira,

Thanks for the above information…

but i’m unable to write code for the same … as i’m beginner to scripting …

can you help me out in scripting… that will be very helpful for me… i’ll really appreciate that…

please help me out…!!!