Amend purchase order after posting purchase receipt


I have PO that has been partially received, and after a while, we decided to change and amend the quantities available in the purchase order. Unfortunately, we found no way to amend the PO. It seems we have to cancel the purchase receipt then you will be able to amend the PO. Is there any better way?


-There is no other way to cancel your PO.
-You need to first cancel Purchase Receipts then Purchase order (Because on Purchase receipt form, reference of PO is available)

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Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I don’t want to cancel the PO. I want to amend the quantities/prices only…

The problem if I apply your suggested scenario, I will need to

  1. cancel all purchase receipts related to that PO
  2. Amend the PO will get it new revision Number (Exp. PO-00001-1)
  3. I will need to re-enter all the purchase receipts I cancelled before…!!

Unbelievable behaviour to do very normal work…


@TetraComSA why do you want to change the PO Quantity? Keeping PO quantities unmodified will help you understand your purchase fulfillment trend. By updating it with actual received quantities will lose that visibility.


The supplier and I agreed to amend the quantities on the same PO “Increase the quantities”. I don’t want to place new PO nether cancelling all Receipts to amend it…

Ok. Then there is no straight forward way to do this, unless you develop a custom function which does this cancellation and recreation of PO.

This, I believe, is the perfect example of a scenario wherein we have to rethink the design of the behaviour of submitted document. It make sense that a PO with receipts cannot be canceled but it doesn’t make sense that the documents cannot be amended while not canceling it. For some fields at least.


I agree with this as well. We have problems where we accidentally add an item from a supplier incorrectly on the sales order but we’ve already generated all the other purchase orders and just need to delete one item or change one line item. Seems it should be that if you cancel the PO associated with a line item, it should “unlock” that line item so you can edit or delete that one. Again, whatever items are on the PO that’s cancelled/deleted, then it unlocks those lines. Just my two cents…


Hi @charlie-cook we have sent a PR to have an Update button for qty and rate updates in PO and SO and it was merged. See feature here [Feature] Update Qty and Rate for PO and SO After Submit by creamdory · Pull Request #14602 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Thank you. That looks good.

Is it Merged only for v11? I’m on erpnext cloud so I’m not sure when I will get this?


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Hello, I am very excited to hear about this feature as this functionality (i.e. revising or changing the PO quantities after some stock has already been received) is a make-it-or-break-it piece for our company.

I am trying out the ERPNext demo but this functionality does not appear to be implemented there yet. Any ideas when it will be? Or is this something that would be available right now if I did my own install?

A thousand thanks,

Hi @deltamotion! It is available in the Development Branch. You may also check in Master, I believe it has already been merged in V11.


@creamdory Sweet, thank you!

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the above feature looks good. but in some cases we might need to add or replace the item codes as well along with Qty and rate. see if we can consider this change. and it will be great if we can mange it from buying settings.

replacing Items use case occurs where businesses do Import frequently.

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@adnan I think that will not be a problem as long as we go to the validations like cant delete when delivery or receipt has been done against the item or update the reserved qty in the stock side. Do you want to get a PR started on this enhancement?

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yes you are right. in terms of data consistency and accuracy it’ll not create a problem. but the challenge is, if we received Half PO and it’s payment is done. to change any item, we need to create a new PO or we have to cancel all related docs. to fix it.

the companies who are exporting and they are not sure about what’s in the container unless it’s arrived, they have these use cases.

i think it’s the right time to enhance this feature, to items addition and replacement , along with qty and rate.


@adnan @creamdory

I total agree with you and that’s what I’ve been indicating in my original post. System should validate the items (Remaining qty - Open items) whether linked to purchases receipts, if not then the system should give us the ability to change open items, qty, or rate related.

I highly recommend to go with such enhancements.


+1… agreed