Amount Accounting Ledger from Delivery Note

Hi Experts,

I am currently analyse accounting ledger from delivery note. What I found is, the amount from accounting ledger is not equal with amount from delivery note it self.
I don’t know where is the amount come from.
Here is the detail of my question.

This is my accounting ledger :

This is my delivery note detail :

Any explaination, where is the amount in accounting ledger come from?
Because I am totally confuse right now.

Hope any answer for my question, it mean a lot to me.


The amount reflected on Accounting Ledger is the Cost Price or the Valuation of Item, since it is posting an entry for reducing Stock and posting expense in the Cost Of Goods Sold account whereas the amount reflected on Delivery Note is your Selling Price.


Thank you for your explanation, I will calculate the cost price or the valuation of my item.

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