Amount Before Tax and Tax Amount Columns

How do I add a Taxable Amount and Sales Tax Amount column in the invoice

you are asking about flow then it will work like:-

if you want to add/apply sales tax then first create “sales tax master” for that,
1.Go to “Selling” module
2. go to “setup” → go to sales taxes and charges template
3.create new → give respective title
-in that you select type i.e Actual,ON Net Total etc. enter Amount i.e 10 or 8

  • you can apply other type also in Tax master,in next row
    -select Territory
  1. save it.
  2. go to sales invoice form
  3. select that “Tax”
    you can see “Tax Amount” and Total Amount"

For more information about tax refer link:-

Sharddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.