Amount column wrapping on invoices

Hello everyone,

What’s the proper fix for this:

To be exact I’d like Amount column (among others) to not wrap.
Another question: is it possible for Purchase Order column to include Purchase Order’s date as a second line? So it would look like this in attached example:


hii ofca,
you need to increase the width of that Amount column,
and for purchase order date try: <br>{{ doc.po_date }}.

Thanks, that’s pretty much what I did, but it still seems like an awful hack. I think numeral columns should never wrap by design, and shooting in the dark with column widths seems silly.

How can I add a white-space: nowrap; to CSS in specific columns and not break anything else at the same time?

Hello ofca,

Instead of adding white spaces you can even try adding inline css style=“text-align: left;” so that the Amount column data will show accurately.

“white-space: nowrap” prevents wrapping on white space inside table field. Aligning column contents will only align whole wrapped mess to the left, am I right? That being said, is there some “compatible” way of customizing in this way without hard-modifying files?

On the print page, click the “Customise” button to use the form layout helper. Click the “Choose columns” for the item table. Specify the length against the column.