Amount resets to zero on selection of new component in the salary slip - using version: 11.0.3-beta.10 () (staging)

  • Below is an image showing salary components in a manual salary slip.
  • The focus is on housing allowance, which is what has been captured manually, the rest default from what has been setup in the salary structure.

  • Problem: On selection of another salary component, e.g. transport allowance as on image labeled 2 above, the amount on the housing allowance (and any other amount for a manually selected component), is reset to zero.

  • The go around is to select all components first, then fill their amounts, and save. Which is not ideal, seeing, one can capture components in salary slip, and may want to continue doing so another time, in the same salary slip, which will reset the previously captured to zero.

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Hi All

Please someone assist with this error.

Iā€™m new to erpnext, coming from Dynamics line of erps.