Analytical Accounting

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I wish to ask to be I’m not missing anything about this ERPNext feature. Is it possible to configure the Cost Centre functionality in ERPNext to produce reports as illustrated below:

In the screenshot above, we have 2 locations, A and B; and both locations have the same departments. If we setup the departments as sub-locations under each location, I believe ERPNext can produce the totals for each location, i.e., $36,000 and $39,350.

But we would also like to have a situation where we can spool totals for the departments across all locations. Is it possible, for instance, to spool the report to show that the company had incurred a total of $22,500 on the Admin Dept across the two locations? The report will be able to show the breakdown per location for each department as shown in the screenshot above.

Any ideas friends? Thank you and God bless.

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Help anyone?

Use a combination of projects and cost centers instead of just cost centers alone.

Giving some thought to a proper setup will easily give you the result you are striving fo with zero effort

@Eli thanks.

We have projects setup and ERPNext works fine there. To try to make Projects do this will muddle up the reporting.

Multi Dimension accounting will be part of v12 mostly.

You will be able to do such things easily.




Thank you very much for the info.

Hi SirJames. Just a thank you for fixing my AMD-V is not installed. The following suggestion fixed it so that I could run Virtualbox.
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
Thanks again.