Analytics feature idea

Hey I wrote this as a gist when I was still thinking about ideas/features to add to ERPNext…
The original gist can be found here.

Posting it here simply to gauge interest.

Have another idea that needs some thoughts and writing up will post that soon.

The Problem:

Top-down decision making and analytics


So what if it’s top-down??

  • – Many times highly wasteful analytics(aka questions asked) that don’t make sense from
    viewpoint on the ground.
  • – A strong separation between decision-makers and executors
  • – Lack of skin-in-the game for the people who are the executioners of a decision and share the
    biggest risk of executing it.
  • – Distorted feedback about the impact of employee’s work on the organizational goals lead to
    power structures climbed by individual’s higher on the dark triad personalities
  • – These individuals tend to be on the exploitative/finite-sum game champions and tend to play
    HIWTYL type gamesagainst others below them and each other.

The solution:

  • – A chat bot based interface(to analytics) available to any employee with access to the erpnext erp user.


  • – NLP based interface can free the non-tech users from technical details/know-how(like tables
    etc.) needed
  • – Chat bot embedded in any sub-form/module means, we can do context based guesses faster and
    give a experience that looks magical/AI-like. Therefore that can be a big product
  • – Pretty much no access/control as to who can access which (pre-built/batch-processed) reports.
  • – Some paid access(for CEOs/top decision makers) to get more advanced (and on-demand
    for ex: live forecasting, exploratory and interactive interface to live data etc.)analytics that take up more RAM and CPU resources for the servers.


* -- TBD.. but
* -- A metadata generic analytic class that cuts across modules
* -- Another class that translates to and from NLP??