And again: allow_on_submit on standard fields is sometimes a must have


i have searched the discuss for the problem with “allow_on_submit” on standard fields.

I know, that this feature has been removed for standard fields.

But sometimes it is a must have or a showstopper, when not being able to modify submitted documents.


  1. An Order will be created and submitted with 500 pcs of an article.
    2a) 2 hours later the customer calls back and wants to change the order from 500 to 300 pcs.
    2b) Some Typos in the position descriptions must be changed and specific additions (infos) must been made on the description.
    2c) The position price must be overwritten manually.

At the current state the Order must be canceled, edited and resubmitted. This is too much effort for the customer.

I told the customer, that the standard operatiion procedure is the best solution also because of the big background stuff, which is caused by a submission, but the customer insists on the fast solution, because his current system is able to do it (The system has been tweaked around to be able to do this).

Question: Is there a simple way to reactivate the feature of being able to set allow_on_submit on standard fields?

The ideal solution would be for you, to make it switchable. So the knowing user of the ERPNext would be able to do this stuff on intention. The not knowing/simple user would be protected from the possible consequences doing it.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

Many times user does not know the impact of changing of a value after submission. So, they just make changes after submission.

For example, in your case, you think that you can change the qty after submission if the SO is not delivered yet. But if you change the qty, it does not reflect in the “Reserved Qty” which is posted on submission of Order.

Similarly, we have observed in the past, people changes accounts related info after submission and they expect it will be reflected in General Ledger, but that does not happen. They realise it on a later stage when the damage has already been done, and they cannot recover it.

I know, there are some fields which can be changed after submission, but identifying all those field is very much hard.

Thank you very much for your fast reply.

I am totally with you regarding your arguments. This is also my opinion as a consultant.
There is too much background stuff to consider, which makes it very dangerous to change eg the quantity.

I have played now a little bit around with the official procedure (Cancel, Change, Save, Re-Submit).
This works very fine and results in a new Version xxxxx-1, xxxxx-2 …
So you have a good overview of the history. And the base-document of the change is also displayed in the DocType form.

Personally i find this a very good, clean solution. I will try to close the customer on this solution. He knows versions of a document from his current system.

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