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Hello Sam,

I am building one android app for shipment tracking.

Can anyone provide sample code for API handling using volley or retrofit library?

I am able to login using frappe rest api, but as frappe doesn’t return any access token, I am unable to hit second request to fetch data.


We’ve used a library called android-async-http. The way to add it to an Android Studio project is adding compile ‘’ under the dependencies section under build.gradle (app). That will query the Maven directory and download it correctly.

The important part is doing the initial login via /api/method/login and storing the cookie received into the app. Before the login is attempted, I use the setCookieStore() method to add a persistent cookie store which will automatically store the received cookie that Frappe sends back and send it with each upcoming request.

EDIT: I should add that the above is just a note from a developer. Hope it helps. I don’t have knowledge myself to help further if you have any questions!

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