Android app help needed for OVM Local host

How do I setup erpnext Android app. I am running erpnext on Oracle virtual machine local host:8080. Please give me step by step instructions. I don’t know about my server name, public static IP. Please explain in full details sorry for being a novice.

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu if your server is local, you need to be in the same network in order to access from android app.

in Select Server field, put http://localhost:8080

I am using hotspot of mobile phone (on which erpnext is installed) for internet on laptop. So that means I m on the same network. But still it says "it seems you have entered a wrong server address @JoEz

Try to use local ip of the laptop instead of localhost

Thank you very much
Now I am able to use it on my android but the limitation is I have to be in my office.
What if I want to use android app on the go. Is it possible to be on the same network even if I am two kilometers away from my Office?

Get erpnex cloud version or rent a server and install there …

Which one is the cheapest. I am planning to have 10 users in 1st stage of my virtual corporation idea. In 2nd stage about 100 and in 3rd stage 1000 and 4th stage 10000

Have a look at ERPNext Pricing 2022